Mission: FIT! is a 12-week program at the Rec Center with a cash incentive to lose weight and body fat! You win by losing the most weight and body fat combined. Last year’s top six winners split $3,075 in cash! One lucky participant will win a FREE YEAR REC CENTER MEMBERSHIP! 

Mission: FIT! 2018 began on January 8th and runs through March 30th.  The cost of this program is $30.00. You win by earning the most points. Here is how you earn points:

  • Each pound lost = 1 point
  • Every .1% of body fat lost = 1 point
  • Weigh-in at 6 weeks and 12 weeks = 1 point for participating in each weigh-in, plus the fat and weight loss points earned at each weigh-in
  • Attending the Intro and Midway meetings = 2 points for each
  • Taking a before and after picture = 2 points

Important dates:

  • Monday, April 2 – Celebration Meeting – 5:30-6:30pm

Cash from the entry fees goes to the top point achievers:

  • 1st place male and female each take home 25%
  • 2nd place male and female each take home 15%
  • 3rd place male and female each take home 10%

Even if you  don’t earn the most points and win the case, there are other great prizes that you can win!

  • Win a free year membership through the Check-in Champion drawing!
    • Receive 1 entry when you check into the Rec Center 12 times in March
  • Win a $100 Fitness Prize Basket through the Social Media Motivator drawing at the end of the program Celebration Meeting!
    • Receive 1 entry each time you  “check in” to the Rec Center on Facebook
    • Receive 1 entry for each time you post in the Mission: FIT Facebook Group

Brochures are available at the Information Center and Front Desk. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Sandy.