The Rec Center offers a variety of seasonal, short-term classes including Gentle Yoga, Women on Weights 101, WATTS, Rec Center Runners, Outdoor Basic Training and more.

These specialty classes typically run 6 to 8 weeks and may include a participation fee. Watch the Home Page for announcements and visit the Information Center at the Rec Center for information on registration and upcoming class schedules.

Women on Weights

The 2018 Women on Weights 2.0 wrapped up another successful year at the Rec Center. This program takes place beginning in January, meeting twice a week for six weeks. Dixie and Joe taught everyone the importance of being serious about strength training on a regular basis. Not only did the group get weekly workouts to practice, but were taught how and encouraged to write out realistic goals and training plans for themselves. The phrase, ‘Lift like You Mean it’ is a good motto of the program. Knowing the ‘WHY’ and ‘HOW’ of specific workouts or exercises and being knowledgeable to train independently is one objective of the program. Other lecture topics included strength training principles, important definitions, ways to change the intensity of a training program, nutrition and macro nutrients, and lower crossed syndrome.  

If you have any questions about Women on Weights 2.0, contact Dixie Peters at:

Rec Center Runners

The Rec Center offered a 16-week training program that started on January 8, 2018 to help get participants train for the Run the CRANDIC marathon and half marathon in April! The Rec Center Runners program included the following:
  • Time trials to help establish a training pace
  • A Functional Movement Screening and corrective exercise to help you avoid injury ($65 value)
  • Marathon Training education sessions on Wednesdays, 5:30pm
  • 16-week Training Manual
  • Strength Training Workouts for Runners – Thursdays, 5:30pm
  • Rec Center Runners T-shirt or tank
  • Group runs every Saturday morning at 7:00am
  • Mini challenges and opportunities to win prizes and goodies to keep you on track

Participants received a 16-week program manual that incorporated running and strength training to help build one’s base slowly and safely to reduce the possibility of injuries. Each week there was four to five runs, two strength training workouts and two full days of rest.

The program wrapped up following the marathon. If interested in a training for a marathon or half-marathon, please contact Kendra.

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