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RC N.O.W. Fees
Eight-week session = $75
Monthly withdrawal = $35

RC N.O.W. Registration Form

Referral Program: For every member YOU refer to RC N.O.W. that enrolls for a minimum of 4 weeks – you will receive 4 weeks of classes for FREE. Details regarding the referral program are available at the front desk. You may have up to two referrals per 8 week session. Referrals must be redeemed the following session.

The current RC NOW (NOrdinary Workout) session runs through June 17, 2017.  Registration for next session will begin on June 5, 2017. The next session will begin on June 19.

RC NOW is an eight-week fitness program featuring Kickboxing, Cardio Circuit, Stretching, and Strength Training using resistance tubing, bands and free weights. The class is designed to help you build cardio endurance, improve flexibility and build lean muscle tissue. The cost for the eight-week session is $75 (plus tax).

Summer Challenge: When signing up for the summer session of RC NOW (June 19 – August 12) you will be entered into the RC NOW Summer Participation Challenge! If you attend 42 out of the 48 classes, you will earn a FREE RC NOW t-shirt!

New to Kickboxing?  FREE RC NOW training is offered the first Saturday before the start of each 8-week session. You will learn the basic punches and kicks prior to starting class. You will get individual attention and can be sure you have the correc tform before starting class. Once you get started, you will be able to kick and punch the bag right away for a high intensity workout! Individual training appointments are also available.

Weigh In: We will be starting each eight-week session with a weigh in. This will be repeated at the end of week 4 and at the end of the session. We will track body weight and body fat. The individual who loses the most body weight and fat amoungst all sessions will win a $25 gift certificate. Throughout the session, we will provide nutrition tips to help you lead a healthier life.

RC N.O.W. Instructors