All the classes listed on the Group Fitness Schedule are free and included with your monthly membership.  For questions contact Riley Barth or call the Front Desk at 319-295-2552.

6W2A9629Morning Madness

All Levels: A class designed to give you a killer cross training workout. Class meets at the North End of Basketball Court #1.

Ironworks 1Bottoms Up

All Levels: An intense 30-minute class that focuses on working quads, hamstrings, glutes and core using steps, dumbbells, shackles, and glider discs. Come ready to work! Offered October through May.

Step 1Step

All Levels: This class helps get your cardio training in as you learn step/aerobics patterns. Instructors break moves down and cue effectively so choreography is easy to follow, yet challenging enough to get a great cardiovascular workout in!

Build and Burn

All Levels: Low impact cardio exercises along with resistance training for a full body workout. Workouts utilizes steps, dumbbells, glider discs and body weight exercises for diversity in your workout. Offered October through May.

Step 2Beginner Step

Beginner: This class helps get your cardio training in as you learn simple step/aerobics patterns. Class geared towards the beginner and seniors.

stretchStretch and Relax

All Levels: Stretching to relaxing music to improve range of motion and prevent injury.

Insanity Live!

All Levels: Not your ordinary cardio-conditioning class. This thrilling workout provides the support & group motivation to challenge you to work toward your highest potential & unleash your inner athlete!

TRX Suspension Training

All Levels: TRX utilizes bodyweight to develop strength, balance, flexibility & core stability. Adjust your body position to change resistance & control the challenge. TRX Hardcore infuses other full body exercise for more intensity.

Athletic Edge 

Intermediate to Advanced: Take your workout OUTSIDE! Group workouts will improve your running endurance and speed. Class meets outside the Rec Center main front doors.


All Levels: Not just crunches anymore! This 15 minute class will target and strengthen the entire core.


All Levels: Instructors will assist all participants at any level in improving flexibility, balance, and muscular endurance. Learn stress management and relaxation techniques to incorporate into your daily life. Mats are available.

Kids Fit ‘N Fun

This 30-minute class is for children ages 2-5. Parents/grandparents are welcome and encouraged to participate or you can go get your own workout in.

Kettlebell Kick

All Levels. Class offers a dynamic mix of cardio, shadow kickboxing and kettlebell strengthening to offer a highly effective workout. No bags or gloves needed.

Kettlebell Strength

All Levels: All-muscles-on-deck! During this class you will tap into big powerhouse muscles (legs and butt) and smaller stability muscles (abs).

Hula Hoop 2Hula Hoop, Hoop It Up

All Levels: Learn how to hula hoop and turn it into a fun workout to use your core.


All Levels: This class combines weights, music and instructor motivation to keep your body moving and your energy level high. Work back, chest, legs, shoulders, arms and core each class!

Zumba 2ZUMBA®

All Levels: ZUMBA combines high energy and motivating Latin music with low impact dance moves.  ZUMBA Gold® – A lower intensity ZUMBA class designed for active seniors, beginning exercisers and  other populations that need modifications.

F.A.S.T. Functional Athletic Strength Training

All levels: Class emphasizes basic full body movements to gain muscle strength and power using a mix of equipment including battle ropes, kettle bells, medicine balls and sand bells.


All Levels: Classes will offer a variety of levels designed to build cardiovascular & muscular endurance, focusing on steady-state training, hill work and interval training.

High Tech Cycling

Intermediate to Advanced: A 75-minute workout geared toward cyclists and triathletes, but all who are looking for a longer workout will enjoy this class!

Tai Chi

A martial arts class designed to reduce stress and improve balance while focusing on proper breathing and form.

EquipmentMetabolic Blast

All Levels: All-new high-energy time- efficient cardio and strength class. Class is broken down into segments of quick, continuous cardio drill mixed with upper and lower body strength work.